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Web Designing

Free Software

We always do Web Designing with good look and feel. The overall design that decides whether, your visitor will go through your website, portfolio, content or application. We believe design adds value and should be creative. Also, we put a lot of effort into User experience so a good looking website or application will work very smoothly to the visitor or user. At Alphafork, We create visually appealing, responsive designs which work for the needs of our clients. Our responsive designs make your application or website perform great on smartphones as well as big screens.

Software Development


We are experts in full stack web development. We provide software based solutions for specific requirements in platforms you need. We also improve already existing Free Software projects for the specific needs of clients and contribute the modifications back to the original project.

We are experts with QT, a multi-platform C++ based UI framework, C++, python, pp and more. We develop Android apps based on Java and Kotlin.

Technology Migration

Technology Migration

We provide Free and Open source software for all kind of business solutions. Free software is used and developed by the users worldwide. So the solutions are tested for various kind of business situations. Also these software are on track of continuous development and improvement. So free software is always more stable and reliable than anyother proprieatory softwares.

We are one of the few Free and Open Source companies who provide bulk technology migration to GNU/Linux - Free and Opensource stack. With community at our expense, getting expertise in diverse fields of technology is not difficult for us.

We created custom GNU/Linux Distros for Hospital Management, Pre Press solutions, Engineering colleges etc.

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