EMS Cooperative Hospital GNU/Linux Migration

Implimenting GNU/Linux stack for a Superspeciality Hospital.

We took the technology consultancy for migration of Hospital management system in EMS Hospital Perinthanmanna. They had around two hundred systems which spread across various departments of the hospital. They are installed with various versions of Microsoft Windows and other proprietary software.

The Hospital Management System is running on Java server Pages. The first challenge was to run different versions of java jdk toolkit and multiple versions of Firefox on a single system. The second challenge was to make their printers, scanners and other devices to work with GNU/Linux. The main printers were cannon LBP2900. Printer driver had only temporary support for Linux, that it kept on failing every once while. We had to make a graphical user interface to restart the printer when it fails, as the command-line solution may not be the best for a novice working at a hospital.

To make their further procedure easy, we decided to build an operating system based on GNU/Linux with all necessary software. We chose Linux Mint as the base operating system and we created a new operating system called EDP Linux. We added all the necessary components and drives so that the GNU/Linux must work on all computers without any problems. This may be the first operating system for a Hospital in Kerala.